Group Training

Earn Your Strength. 

Industry leading hybrid group training. Combining the best of strength, core and cardio exercises & workouts, to deliver optimal fitness and body re-composition (fat loss/muscle gain) results.

E50 Group Training 2020

Our E50 Group Training Sessions Combine 50 minutes of

Strength, Core and Cardio/Conditioning in a HIIT Format 

  • Interval cardio work

  • Full body strength work

  • Modifications of intensity and exercise for all fitness types

For our full Paradise East End E50 Class schedules please download our Energy Company App 

To purchase and register for E50 Group Sessions: 

To purchase: Download the Energy Company app here. In the app, select ‘Buy’, then 'Group Training' then choose a single class or class pass or unlimited monthly classes (best value, also includes your monthly membership). 


To register: Download the Energy Company app here. In the app, select ‘Group Training’, choose the date and time you would like to register for, and then 'Book'. You can also buy sessions through this screen. 

Limited spots available.

Contact or if you have any questions. 

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