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Mike O'Neil





Mike has over 15 years experience as a trainer, health and wellness coach, business owner, and naturopath practitioner.

His training focus is delivering strength and energy gains in a safe but challenging environment. He calls this longevity training, which is designed to deliver results free of injury and/or pain so you can train for life not just for a month. This is applicable to all ages and fitness levels.

Mike brings tremendous enthusiasm and energy to his work and is one of the most accredited health professionals in the industry. He is the medical director for the St. John’s Edge professional basketball team.


Mike is a naturopath practitioner and holds many certifications including corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, sports and fitness nutrition specialist, certified ergonomic specialist, and a mixed martial arts conditioning specialist.

Mike is also a national level baseball player, former collegiate hockey player, former national champion in water polo, former national ranked age group swimmer and still enjoys high intensity training.

To book a consultation or training session with mike you can email him directly at moneil@energyco.ca 

Felicia Newell




Felicia is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian, and Sport Nutritionist, and a busy mom of 4 boys under 9.


Felicia exudes energy, enthusiasm, and is completely engaged with her clients. She combines training and nutrition to provide her clients with optimum health, energy levels, and the ability to look and feel their best and achieve a great quality of life. For all of these reasons and more, the Energy Company is lucky to have her as part of the team. 

Between completing her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Nutritional Sciences, working at a research centre for many years, teaching university courses, years of coaching, she has the passion, skills, education, and experience to help people crush their health goals.

To book a consultation or training session you can email her directly at: fnewell@energyco.ca 

Gill Whelan




Gill has almost 10 years of fitness and wellness coaching. Gill has many roles each day, as a wife, mother to 3 boys, daughter, sister, friend, finance manager in the corporate world, and fitness & wellness coach. ‘I am at my best when I am busy!’ 


After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Memorial University, Gill set out to gather as much fitness education and experience as possible. Gill has travelled to train and become certified in fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching from world renowned coaches all over Canada, the US, and the UK. Examples include Charles Poloquin, Martin Rooney, Dax Moy, Bedros Keuilian, Jon Chaimberg, Jim Smith, Joe DeFranco, Jessie Mundell, Molly Gailbrath, and more. 


She has taken her enthusiasm and passion, along with all she has experienced over her years in the fitness industry, and used it to develop a complete “360 degree approach” to fitness that she would like to extend to her clients. Her goal is to inspire you and motivate you to live your fullest and healthiest life, and unleash the potential that exists inside of you. To connect with Gill directly, please email WhelanWellness@gmail.com

Daniel Hearn




Daniel is a kinesiologist as a graduate of Memorial University and has recently completed his Masters from the University of Houston. As a certified Athletic Trainer specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Daniel promotes long term health and longevity training.


Immersed in athletics and fitness from a young age, Daniel is passionate about training anyone who wants improve how they feel and move.


Daniel is a vital part of the energy company sports medicine team that executes sports performance and recovery services with the St. Johns Edge

Riley King




Riley King is our Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach. Riley is a multi sport athlete and is currently attending Memorial University and annually represents Newfoundland at the Senior National Baseball Championships. Riley bring tremendous energy, leadership, mentorship and accountability to our young athletes at Energy Company.


Helle Stjern


Helle comes to The Energy Company all the way from Norway. This is her fifth year in Newfoundland, and she has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Helle is very passionate about the field of Kinesiology with emphasis on helping individuals reaching their personal fitness goals regardless of their challenges. 


She has an athletic background in soccer, x-country skiing and biathlon and served as an infantry woman in the Norwegian Army. Her infectious enthusiasm, relentless attention to detail, interpersonal skills and sense of teamwork are an excellent good fit for The Energy Company.

Paula Newhook


Paula is a power mom with infectiously positive attitude, a marathoner, as well as a former and current accomplished athlete in sports such as basketball and water polo. Certified personal trainer. Avid trainer. Mother of exceptional athletes. Paula also enjoys and is certified in working with post cancer treatment patient. Paula also holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. 

Rebecca Bigelow



Rebecca Bigelow is a Strength and Conditioning coach and brings tremendous enthusiasm, 3 years experience, and strong coaching skills to our already tremendous team of experienced and talented trainers.

Rebecca greatest attributes are her commitment to client experience, with a focus on safety, movement quality and strength development.

She is a certified personal trainer and has a bachelor of Kinesiology from Memorial University. 

Alex Newhook



Alex is a tremendous young athlete and we are happy to have him as part of our team. Alex joins us in the summer as a youth strength and conditioning coach. Alex is a Team Canada and Boston College Forward, and 1st round pick of the Colorado Avalanche. 


Craig Hickey



Craig is a Kinesiologist and graduate of Memorial University, recently completing his Masters from Memorial University, focusing on safety and wellness in marine environments. Furthermore, he is studying to become a certified Physiotherapist from the United Kingdom with interests in optimizing physical health for the long term.

Having worked with populations in cardiorespiratory, neurological and elderly rehabilitation, Craig is passionate about training anyone who wants to improve his or her overall health and fitness.

Craig is a part of the Energy Company's sports medicine team that executes sports performance and recovery services with the St. John's Edge.

Chris Stagg




Certified Personal Trainer passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, Including functional, goal oriented or aesthetic. Highly personalized and customized approach to fat loss, strength gains and conditioning.


Chris's main passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. He believes that every body is unique; each with its own strengths and limitations. His method is to build a custom plan based on your abilities and fitness goals.

Stella O'Neil



Daddy's little girl. Loves to exercise, play with kids and help to clean the gym.

Linda Purchase (Nanny) 


Tyler Forsey



A recent graduate of memorial university Tyler brings a great sense of team, an achievement mentality, positivity and energy to our personal training team.

An accomplished track athlete and elite soccer player, Tyler is looking forward to helping our clients achieve their best strength and energy!